Do we have your correct information? Are you getting the GHS PTSA Member e-mails?

GHS PTSA uses PTAvenue, a cloud-based program, to manage PTSA membership, including member directory and e-mail communications. In order for us to communicate effectively with our members, we need your help in making sure we have accurate contact information. All members will need to log onto PTAvenue to verify personal information and make any changes or corrections.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Go to the PTAvenue website, at
  2. Click “LOG IN” in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your Organization Code on the Parents/Members/Students side and click the Enter key. Our Code is: ptsamembers
  4. Click the “My Household” or “Online Directory” icon at the top.
  5. Click “I Need a Password”. You will be directed to a page to create/reset your family password. Once you receive the e-mail from PTAvenue, follow those instructions for resetting your password. You will be required to enter your e-mail and your new password again so that PTAvenue can further verify.
  6. Once this step is done, you can sign on with your e-mail and password and access “My Household” and “Online directory”.
  7. Verify your personal family information under “My Household”, correcting or changing as needed. Don’t forget to click on the green “Update Member Information” to save any changes!
  8. To access the GHS PTSA Member Directory, just click the “Online Directory” icon in the upper right corner!

If you have any difficulties, please contact GHS PTSA VP Membership Chair.

Thank you for your help in managing your accurate PTSA contact information!